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Prepping Diesel Fuel Tanks For Winter

Diesel fleets depend on clean, moisture-free fuel to stay running their best, especially when temperatures start to drop in winter. Moisture in a diesel fuel system can cause numerous problems including bacteria growth, filter plugging and, in colder temperatures, icing. The summer of 2016 in the Midwest was wet and humid, and that moisture and humidity combine to create problems in diesel fuel tanks and dispensing systems once temperatures start to drop. Moisture More moisture means a better environment for bacteria growth. Bacteria create waste, which can cause corrosion and clog filters. Test your tanks annually or, better yet,...

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Treat DEF How You Treat Fuel

Fuel is the energy that drives any fleet. Fluctuations in fuel price can mean big changes in fleet operations. For businesses that run diesel fleets, DEF is equally as important as fuel, and managing DEF supply is equally as critical to successful operations as managing fuel supply. To keep NOx emissions in check, most manufacturers have turned to Selective Catalytic Reduction systems that inject Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) into the exhaust to break down NOx into nitrogen and water. DEF is 32.5% urea and 67.5% de-ionized water. While simple, it’s a specialized fluid that, like diesel fuel and oil,...

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