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Fuel Economy: Where are the Standards Going and Why?

U.S. approves 54.5 mpg by 2025 As global markets evolve, fuel economy is becoming an increasingly important topic. Today, over 50% of the oil used around the world is for transportation, and over 75% of the energy used in the transportation sector is consumed on the road. Driven by fears of crippling oil price spikes as well as concerns for the environment, the U.S. government is taking action to reduce consumption by aggressively increasing fuel economy standards. In 2010, the U.S. raised the average fuel economy for new passenger vehicles to 34.1 mpg by 2016. That mandate is increasing...

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Waking Up Your Summer Engines

When it’s time to break out the summer equipment, it’s tempting to just fire it up and go. But you may need to do some prep first. Whether it’s a motorcycle, boat, ATV, small engine or other gas-powered equipment that’s been parked for the winter, follow this checklist to minimize trouble and maximize your summer fun. Use this 5-point checklist before firing them up 1 – Check your spark plugs to ensure your engine has a healthy combustion. For a two-stroke engine, a plug that is covered in gum or heavy carbon deposits indicates poor oil performance or that...

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Isobutanol: The New Ethanol?

Ethanol has been the benchmark biofuel for more than a century. Henry Ford even envisioned the agricultural might of the United States as the fuel source for his Model T, which he engineered to run on ethanol. Today, ethanol is blended with gasoline to help meet EPA mandates for amounts of biofuel sold within each state. Most of the fuel in the United States contains some amount of ethanol. While ethanol has a strong foothold in the fuel industry, powersports and marine organizations such as the National Marine Manufacturers Association have taken to warning against its usage, especially higher-percentage...

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Lube-Tech ESI Agrees to Acquire Professional Carwash Systems, Inc.

Lubrication Technologies ESI (Equipment, Service, Installation) is excited to announce reaching an agreement to acquire PCS (Professional Carwash Systems, Inc.) with a purchase date effective April 17, 2017.  PCS is a vehicle wash sales, installation and service business headquartered in Buffalo, Minnesota. Founded in 1991, PCS is a regional leader in vehicle wash systems for the Convenience Store, Grocery, Independent Automotive Service Center and Car Dealer markets with operations in Minnesota, South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska and Wisconsin.  PCS offers in-bay automatic and tunnel wash solutions including supporting equipment and chemical products.  Combined with the Lubrication Technologies (Lube-Tech) family of...

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Lube-Tech Liquid Recycling Acquires Pioneer Environmental

Lube-Tech Liquid Recycling (LLR) would like to announce the acquisition of Pioneer Environmental Group LLC., effective February 28, 2017. Pioneer Environmental Group is based in Oakdale, Minnesota, and specializes in the disposal of waste metalworking coolants (oily water) and waste antifreeze from automotive and truck repair shops. Founded in 1993, Pioneer Environmental services Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Wisconsin and Iowa. “This decision was made carefully and we believe it is the right choice for our business and our customers,” said Pioneer Environmental Founder and Owner Mark Sternad. “Merging with Lube-Tech makes Pioneer Environmental a stronger and more valuable...

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