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Lube-Tech ESI Agrees to Acquire Professional Carwash Systems, Inc.

Lubrication Technologies ESI (Equipment, Service, Installation) is excited to announce reaching an agreement to acquire PCS (Professional Carwash Systems, Inc.) with a purchase date effective April 17, 2017.  PCS is a vehicle wash sales, installation and service business headquartered in Buffalo, Minnesota. Founded in 1991, PCS is a regional leader in vehicle wash systems for the Convenience Store, Grocery, Independent Automotive Service Center and Car Dealer markets with operations in Minnesota, South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska and Wisconsin.  PCS offers in-bay automatic and tunnel wash solutions including supporting equipment and chemical products.  Combined with the Lubrication Technologies (Lube-Tech) family of...

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Lube-Tech Liquid Recycling Acquires Pioneer Environmental

Lube-Tech Liquid Recycling (LLR) would like to announce the acquisition of Pioneer Environmental Group LLC., effective February 28, 2017. Pioneer Environmental Group is based in Oakdale, Minnesota, and specializes in the disposal of waste metalworking coolants (oily water) and waste antifreeze from automotive and truck repair shops. Founded in 1993, Pioneer Environmental services Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Wisconsin and Iowa. “This decision was made carefully and we believe it is the right choice for our business and our customers,” said Pioneer Environmental Founder and Owner Mark Sternad. “Merging with Lube-Tech makes Pioneer Environmental a stronger and more valuable...

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Defining “Green Lubricants”

Are my Lubricants Environmentally-Friendly and Biodegradable? As with many things in life, supply and demand can dictate terminology and opinions. There are many buzzwords and marketing stances regarding eco-friendly lubricants and many are misleading or can exploit two worthy efforts – (1) Protecting our environment; (2) Finding renewable sources. There is an old Native American proverb that states, “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.” There are no universally accepted definitions for environmental safety, but much work has and continues to be done with measuring factors such as biodegradability, eco-toxicity, and...

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Metal Forming Fluids, Additives, Trends and New Technology

Evolving Processes and Regulations Dictate Direction The term metal forming includes a diverse variety of manufacturing processes and applications. This can include the use of one ton mechanical presses down to wire drawing processes. All of these come down to moving metal into a desired geometry. Metal is plastically deformed through force applied that will exceed the yield strength of the metal itself. During this deformation process, friction and heat are generated. The challenge in formulating fluids for metal forming is not to work against heat and friction, but to work with them. The primary functions of removal fluids...

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Use of Neat Oils in Modern Metal Removal

The term “neat” describes a cutting oil that is not mixed with water. Cutting oils mixed with water, better known as “water extendible” fluids, are designed to provide better cooling during the machining process, especially high-speed processes. In an emulsion, water provides cooling and oil provides lubrication. While neat oils have traditionally been used in low-temperature applications such as slow-speed machining, they are becoming used more and more in higher speed applications, edging out water extendible fluids, for a variety of reasons: •  More difficult alloys are being used in many machining processes and machining processes are becoming more...

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