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Round Table: Out Of The Box Problem Solving

The Lube-Tech Round Table is an exclusive feature of the Viscosity Index. Its intent is to cover a wide variety of topics highlighting the ways Lube-Tech helps its customers overcome challenges and solve problems they face in their day-to-day operations. In this installment, Lube-Tech’s Tyler Burns (Iowa), Mike Ostrowski (Wisconsin), and Lindsey Ratcliff (Minnesota) discuss out of the box problem solving. The Round Table moderator is J.T. Bernier, Digital Marketing Manager at Lube-Tech & Partners. J.T. Bernier: There’s no manual for solving customer issues because every one is unique. You guys have to be able to think outside the...

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Lube-Tech & Partners Acquires Mighty Auto Parts Distribution Franchises

Lube-Tech & Partners adds Mighty franchise in Minnesota and Wisconsin to expand customer offering St. Paul, MN – June 30, 2017 – Lube-Tech & Partners is excited to announce the acquisition of the Mighty Auto Parts franchises from May Distributing, Inc. of Burnsville, MN and WJS Distributing, LLC of Waukesha, WI.  Under the terms of the agreement, Lube-Tech & Partners has an exclusive license to distribute Mighty automotive products throughout most of Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.  Founded in 1963, Mighty Distributing System of America is a Norcross, Georgia-based franchisor with 107 franchised distributors in 44 states and four international markets. ...

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The Science Behind Your Carwash

The magic of your local car wash is that it can clean a winter’s worth of road salt, dirt and grime off a vehicle in one pass. But it’s not magic, it’s science working on your behalf. And that science is performed by chemists knowing exactly what chemical cleaners are needed to shed that dirt while protecting all a vehicle’s different materials and finishes. Where some cleaners such as laundry soaps need to factor in multiple combinations of stains and fabric types, car wash chemists have a good idea the surfaces and types of dirt and grime (tar, asphalt,...

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Oil Weights for Summer Use

The Old Rules Don’t Always Apply Summer means hot weather and if you are following your grandfather’s footsteps you are probably reaching for heavier weight oil to protect your car, truck, ATV, UTV or anything else requiring a four-stroke lubricant. Lubricants are naturally thinner in hotter weather, so logic would tell us heavier weight oil is needed to provide the same engine protection you get from thinner oil in cooler weather. This logic holds true in some cases, but not for the reasons you would think. Since your Grandfather’s time, EPA fuel economy mandates have motivated automobile manufacturers and...

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Special Lubricant Needs of Marine Engines

Tackling Shear, Moisture and Intermittent Use Boating can be one of the most enjoyable and memorable summer activities anyone will experience. However, that marine engine that powers your good times leads one of the most difficult lives of any powersport application and it needs a specifically- formulated oil in order to keep it running as it was designed.      •  Unlike most liquid-cooled engines that use an enclosed, pressurized cooling system, most marine engines use the lake, river or sea water for cooling; this means they run cooler. The cooler temperatures when combined with typical marine RPM and...

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